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The Ghosts of Devils Lake

The Ghosts of Devils Lake

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Meet the Ghosts of Devils Lake

In this collection of true ghost tales, you’ll discover a wide range of bone-chilling stories from the dark and dangerous waters of Devils Lake, North Dakota—where the spirits of Indian and pioneer settlers alike are forever bound to the land they loved.

You’ll meet the real men and women who still haunt the dusty trails they walked a century ago. You’ll see them in the shadows of the wooded shore, and follow them across grassy prairie fields.

In sixty carefully chosen and researched accounts, you will find:
  • Legendary stories of bravery and courage in the face of certain disaster
  • Lost souls, doomed to relive their tragic deaths
  • Vicious outlaws, condemned to repeat their crimes for all eternity
  • Paranormal places, including a mysterious “Stairway to Hell”
  • Supernatural creatures, like the ethereal Canyo Tina on the south shore
You’ll come to know a wide range of fascinating people, including:
  • Lillian Wineman, the eccentric old woman who stayed with her belongings—even after all of her possessions were moved into a museum
  • The Ward Brothers, who were murdered on their homestead and forced to seek justice from the next world
  • The captain of the Minnie H steamboat, who still waits and watches for any travelers who need safe passage to the Other Side
  • A lost colony of suffering Jewish settlers and their children
  • The Dakota warriors drowned by the spirits of an angry lake
Corrine Kenner is a Devils Lake native and the award-winning author of more than a dozen books on the paranormal. She has traveled the world studying the mysteries of life and death—and in this book, she offers a glimpse of the Great Beyond from spirits close to home.
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