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The Enchanted Antique Shop

The Enchanted Antique Shop

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A haunted mansion, a priceless painting, and a spirited sleuth. It’s just another magic Monday in Enchanted Springs.

Welcome to Enchanted Springs, where magic is real, ghosts are friendly, and time is anything but linear.

Marley Montgomery is the newest proprietor of the Enchanted Antique Shop. She’s also the latest in a line of time-traveling witches, a talent that caught her completely by surprise.

Upended by her unexpected abilities, she's come back to her charming hometown—a perfectly normal paranormal community. Nestled within its borders, witches cast spells, spirited ghosts share stories from the Great Beyond, and vampire detectives take a bite out of crime.

When an art heist leads to murder, Marley is plunged headfirst into a mystery that threatens to turn her new life upside down. And when a legendary ghost asks for help, she must untangle a web of family secrets, hidden motives, and haunted history to catch a killer and recover a missing masterpiece.

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