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Stolen Moments: Flash Fiction Stories and Poems

Stolen Moments: Flash Fiction Stories and Poems

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Keep your eye on the clock.

When Corrine Kenner sets a timer for 15 or 20 minutes, watch out: you never know who will come out and play.

Some of her fictional characters seem perfectly harmless at first—like Priscilla, the shy, sweet museum archivist who keeps a bowl of candy on her desk.

Others, like the Flying Nuns, signal trouble from the start. No good can come from the Sisterhood of Eternal Pain, especially when they're at the roller derby rink.

You'll meet the alien analyst who calculates algorithms for social media, spirits who step out of Salvador Dali paintings, and psychics with a dim view of the future.

Corrine Kenner is the author of Tarot for Writers, Astrology for Writers, and Flash Fiction: Mix-and-Match Writing Prompts. In this collection of 36 short stories and poems, she demonstrates the versatility of her tools and techniques.

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