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Spirit Key Pendulums

Spirit Key Pendulums

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Unlock the Cosmic Mysteries of Time and Space!

Spirit Key Pendulums can help you divine the answers to simple yes-or-no questions, find lost items on a map, choose dates on a calendar, and narrow any range of options to a single election. Best of all, Spirit Key Pendulums are fun and easy to use!

Spirit Keys are magical, mystical tools

Spirit Keys are amazing tools for accessing your higher self and for communicating with the Spirit World. Yes, you really can use Spirit Keys to talk to spirits!

Keys symbolize entry and passageways. With the right key in your hand, you can move through locked doorways, cross thresholds of belief, and gain access to secret wisdom and understanding.


Spirit Keys are easy to use. The process literally takes less than a minute to learn.

Get started

Stand or sit comfortably. Rest your elbow on a table or hold your arm out horizontally. Hold one end of the pendulum between your thumb and index finger and let the chain dangle.

Make sure the pendulum is motionless, and then ask it, either silently or aloud, to show you which direction it will move for “yes” or “no.” Say, “Show me yes,” and “Show me no.”

Alternately, you can ask a basic yes-or-no question—one with an answer you already know, such as, “Is my name Hermione?”

Like magic, your pendulum will start to move. Experiment until you know how your pendulum will respond to basic inquiries.

Get answers

Commonly, a pendulum will indicate its response in one of several ways.

  • Yes: up and down, like someone nodding his head.
  • No: back and forth, like someone shaking her head “no” from side to side.
  • Maybe: diagonal from the lower left to the upper right.
  • I don’t want to say: diagonal from the lower right to the upper left.
  • Probably: a clockwise circle.
  • Probably not: a counterclockwise circle.
  • Bobble/dance: usually a “yes.”

Be specific in how you phrase your questions. Instead of, “Should I ask Darren on a date?” try, “Should I invite Darren to the movies tomorrow?”

Get information

For even clearer answers, suspend your pendulum above maps, charts, and notes. Try using:

  • A piece of paper with the words “yes” on one side, “no” on the other, and “maybe” written in the middle.
  • A 12-hour clock to find an auspicious time of day.
  • A calendar for choosing special dates.
  • An alphabet chart for spelling out words.
  • A compass rose to lead you in the right direction.
  • If you’re looking for lost objects, hold your pendulum over a map or diagram of the area you’re searching.
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