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Messenger Necklaces

Messenger Necklaces

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Wear it in memory of someone you love.

Messenger Jewelry was inspired by the many people who feel a connection to their loved ones when they see dragonflies. There’s actually a legend that dragonflies have two sets of wings for a heavenly reason: one set is for the dragonfly, and one set is for the angel that rides on its back.

Since then, the line has been expanded to include birds, butterflies, and Christian crosses.

Customers choose Messenger Jewelry for a number of reasons:

  • Remembrance. Messenger Jewelry is a tangible reminder of the people you’ve loved
  • Honor. Messenger Jewelry is a tribute to those who have passed on.
  • Invitation. When you wear Messenger Jewelry, you invite your loved ones to connect with you from Beyond.
  • Celebration. Messenger Jewelry affirms the connections that transcend time and space.
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