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Frozen Charlotte

Frozen Charlotte

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Thrills and Chills.

Life in a gently haunted antique shop offers more than a few thrills and chills—but when an unseasonable cold front sweeps through the Enchanted Antique Shop during a Florida heatwave, proprietor Marley Montgomery and her spectral team need to act fast.

It’s not just a chill in the air. The icy presence is even endangering the resident spirits at the shop.

To save them from certain doom, Marley teams up with a host of magical allies, including her grandmother Clara, her mentor Eleanor, and her best friend Sadie. A few friendly ghosts get involved, too—like Violet, a spirited 1920s flapper, and her spectral Siamese kitten.

As disaster looms, Marley and Sadie must undertake a perilous quest to the past in search of a solution. But time is running out. If they can’t break the spell that has them wrapped in perpetual winter, they could risk being frozen in time—forever.
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