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Astrology for Writers: The Planets

Astrology for Writers: The Planets

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See Your Stories in the Stars

The night sky has inspired storytellers since the dawn of time. For thousands of years, people have gathered around the fire, looked up at the heavens, and spun stories on the strands of starlight.

Now you can tap into that same inspiration for your own creative writing in Astrology for Writers―the essential guide to understanding the core concepts of astrology. It's an easy, fun, and gratifying way to experiment with the fundamentals of astrology―the planets, signs, and houses―and discover how they correspond to the elements of fiction.

Whether you write short stories, novels, screenplays, or poetry, Astrology for Writers is your invitation to a world of cosmic wonder.

A Celestial Vision

Writers and astrologers have a lot in common. They’re both students of human behavior, with a fascination for discovering hidden motivations, secret fears, and boundless dreams. They’re natural observers who have a knack for tuning in to conflicting emotions, subconscious behavior, and mystery.

They even share a similar vocabulary. The language of astrology is the language of drama—of conflict and resolution, courage and compassion, and life-changing growth and development. Astrologers describe the zodiac as a cosmic drama, and they point out that the planets move through the signs of the zodiac like players on a celestial stage.

Astrology for Writers will show you how to use astrology to create realistic characters, stunning plot twists, and symbolic, meaningful themes.

Accessible and Fun

You don't need to be a mystic or a seer to add astrology to your writing practice. Astrology for Writers explains every astrological principle in plain English. And while you could think of it as an astrological reference guide, you don’t have to become a serious student of the art in order to benefit from its wisdom. 

In fact, you don’t need to have any knowledge of astrology at all in order to use the techniques in this book. You'll get step by step instructions and suggestions, along with vivid examples and story samples. It even comes with a free workbook you can download on demand, so you can start practicing right away.

Bigger and Better

The new and improved Astrology for Writers builds upon the monumental success of the first edition, published in 2013.

Readers loved the original—but they wanted more. So by popular demand, the new edition includes more astrological principles, more tips and hints, and more samples of creative writing based on the stars.

To keep it simple and accessible, the expanded guidebook has been divided into four volumes: Planets, Signs, Houses, and Charts. Each one is about 200 pages.

Volume One: The Planets

In Volume One, The Planets, you'll learn how to develop fictional personalities based on planetary characteristics. You'll discover:

  • Mythic Models: The myths and legends associated with each planet.
  • Astrological Symbolism: The significance of each planet in astrology.
  • Archetypal Roles: A starting point for characterization
  • Astrological Principles: Rulerships and other correspondences for each planet.
  • Planetary Strengths and Weaknesses: The good and bad qualities of each planet.
  • Creative Guidance: Tips and hints for adding astrology to your writing practice.
  • Twenty Questions: Writing prompts designed to stir your imagination and bring astrology to life.
  • Character Sketches: Samples of fictional characters created with planetary qualities.
  • Literary Quotes: Examples of astrological themes and motifs in classic literature.

Auxiliary Lights

But wait: there's more! While the planets are the major players in the drama of the skies, they’re not the only heavenly bodies in the cosmic cast of characters. The goddess asteroids—Ceres, Pallas, Juno, and Vesta—add extra depth to astrological charts. They can do the same for your stories. 

Not only are they compelling characters, but their feminine energy helps balance the male-dominated patriarchy of the planets.

You'll also learn how to access the drama of the Black Moon Lilith, along with the comet Chiron, named for the wounded healer and teacher of the gods.

First In a Series

Volume One of Astrology for Writers will be released on the Autumn Equinox, September 22, 2024. Additional volumes will follow in short order.

The guidebooks build on each other, but you can also dip in and out of the series whenever you’re looking for insight and inspiration.

  • Volume 1: The Planets. The planets are the guiding lights of the night sky, and the actors in the drama of the cosmic stage. They make perfect models for the characters in a world of your creation. We can examine their motivations and goals, as well as their hopes and fears. We can let them reveal themselves through dialogue. We’ll determine which characters are the center of the action, and which characters make up the supporting cast.
  •  Volume 2: The Signs. Just as the planets revolve around the Sun, your characters will move through the signs of the zodiac. In the process, their stories will unfold. We’ll follow the plot, and discover what obstacles and conflicts keep them from reaching their goals. We’ll also study the ways that the symbolism of the signs can be the foundation of story structure, theme, and symbolism.
  • Volume 3: The Houses. The twelve houses of a horoscope chart provide a backdrop and setting for the drama of human experience.
  • Volume 4: The Chart. The planets, signs, and houses all come together on a horoscope chart—a map of the solar system, and an outline of possibilities. It might look like a mystic cryptographer’s puzzle, but it’s surprisingly easy to read once you know how it’s constructed.

About the Author

Corrine Kenner specializes in bringing metaphysics down to earth. She's a certified tarot master, certified astrologer, and the author of more than 40 books, including Tarot for Writers, Astrology for Writers, and Tarot and Astrology. She's had the good fortune to speak at tarot conferences across the U.S., Canada, and England. As Cielle Kenner, she writes the Enchanted Antique Shop series of magical cozy mysteries with a time-travel twist, based on her real-life antique shop in DeLand, Florida. She's a former newspaper reporter and magazine editor, and she earned a degree in philosophy from California State University, Long Beach.

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