Astrology is the study of the planets as they move through the signs of the zodiac and the houses of the horoscope.

Infographic: Planets, Signs, and Elements

If you're a visual thinker (like I am), you'll like this graphic that illustrates the planets along with the signs ...
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An Astrologer’s Code of Ethics

As an NCGR-certified astrologer, I follow the NCGR's code of ethics. It's long but worth the read. Preamble Astrologers are ...
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The Astrology of the Sun

The Sun is an important focal point in an astrological chart, because the Sun represents the center of every individual’s ...
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Astrology and Palmistry

Fun fact: Did you know that you can use astrology for palm reading? The fingers, thumb, and various mounds of ...
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Stars and Cards

Astrology isn’t as old as the stars, but it is as old as mankind. Ever since the first humans gazed ...
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