Work from Home: A Real-Life Tarot Reading

Should I become a virtual assistant?

A note from Corrine: This real-life reading highlights some of the techniques I incorporate in my tarot practice. To schedule a reading with me, in person or online, click here.

Question: I’d like to know the likely outcome of my current financial situation. Although I’m happy being a stay-at-home mom to my two young children, my husband and I are completely tapped out financially. We are struggling to pay our bills and I know that I need to get back to work at least part-time. I’d love to start my own business working from home (to be home for my kids) and am wondering if this is possible. Although I am dreaming of eventually working in the natural healthcare field as a holistic health a wellness practitioner, writer, and educator, I don’t have the means to go back to school. I hold a BA in English and my previous career was working as a technical writer and an accountant. I am thinking of starting the business as a Virtual Assistant specializing in tech writing, accounting and administrative work. Is the direction I should head in right now? Marie (via email)

Answer: Your situation, obviously, isn’t a simple one, so I narrowed it down to fit within a one-card reading: How would Marie feel after six months of working from home as a virtual assistant?

After a few shuffles, one card worked its way loose from the rest of the deck: The Moon. This is a lovely card, and it inspired a rush of observations about your situation.

The Moon card in the deck I used depicts a young woman embracing a toddler. That’s you with one of your children! There’s another child with her arms outstretched behind you, which would be your second child … and, believe it or not, there’s a fertility goddess on the left. (Are you planning or expecting to have a third child?)

At the top of the card, an older woman’s eyes are peering down at you, too. I somehow see her as an older version of yourself, thinking back fondly to the time you’re spending now with your young family. In other words, I think you will truly enjoy working from home, and that it will be a source of happy memories for you in the future.

At the same time, the Moon card could also serve as a literal depiction of your working life. You could find that you’ll need to do most of your work late at night, when the moon is out and your children are asleep.

Occasionally, the Moon card is also associated with deception. While you’re probably expecting to do some of your work at night, I think you might be surprised at how much you’ll have to get done during the hours of darkness. While you’re inspired and excited about the prospect right now, I think the Moon card here is simply offering you a friendly reminder that work is work, and you should probably remind yourself of that fact right from the start.

Do you know what’s conspicuously absent, however? There’s no money in this card. There’s no hint of food, clothing, or shelter. Of course, that’s probably because my question was so specific: I only asked how you would feel after six months of working at home! (And the answer was, “Great!”)

On a whim, I pulled a second card to see if you’ll be making any money, and I drew the Ten of Pentacles, which is a money card. So that’s promising, too.

Ultimately, however, a one-card reading can only skim the surface, especially since your question encompasses your entire life situation right now. From your description, it sounds as though you have the education and experience you need to work as a virtual assistant, and the card I drew for you does seem encouraging. Even so, it’s just one small factor to consider as you start to make some very big decisions.