Why can’t we get along? A Real-Life Tarot Reading

Why can’t I get along with my boss?

A note from Corrine: This real-life reading highlights some of the techniques I incorporate in my tarot practice. To schedule a reading with me, in person or online, click here.

Question: Could you tell me what I need to know to improve my work relationship with my boss? I’m a 36-year-old Aquarius. He’s a 30-year-old Capricorn. Neither of us knows why we can’t get along. Sincerely, Lucy (via email)

Answer: Your question is clear and specific and very well put, so I wanted to come up with an equally clear answer for you.

I used the Tarot of the New Vision by Gianluca Cestaro and Pietro Alligo. It’s an unusual deck, because it depicts the scenery “behind the scenes” of most traditional cards. As I mixed the cards, I simply asked, “What is it that Lucy’s not seeing?”

The card that came up for you is the Chariot. Now, in most tarot decks we get a straightforward, traditional depiction of a brave warrior, moving forward in his chariot. In the Tarot of the New Vision, however, we see what’s happening behind the Chariot. This is the card I pulled for you:

Personally, I think that image is very telling — and I think the card is having a little fun with you, too! That’s because this image is so dramatic and so extreme that it’s practically tongue in cheek. I hope you’ll take it with that in mind.

Clearly, the main characters in this card are you and your boss, slaves to a machine that’s much bigger than yourselves. You are moving steadily forward, and you hear the cheers of praise and acclaim coming from the crowds that line your path … but they’re not really cheering for you, personally. They’re cheering because you’re there, and because you represent victory on their behalf. You and your boss are both prized, but probably not for the reasons you would hope. You’re prized because you can help other people achieve their objectives, while your own dreams and desires have been sublimated, cast aside, sold to the highest bidder.

What’s more, you don’t have a clear vision of where you’re going. You know you’re moving forward, but you really can only see the rear end of the person who’s driving the chariot. That’s got to be frustrating, because you are both obviously in your prime, physically and emotionally. (In the card, you both seem strong and physically fit, with the posture and body language of people who are intelligent, aware, and self-possessed.)

Could it be that both of you are somewhat frustrated by your roles? Are you both secretly hoping for positions with more power and influence? Are you both a little surprised to find yourselves there, tied to the chariot, rather than in the driver’s seat?

I think this could be a case where you and your boss are both more alike than different. It could be that your boss is hoping that you’ll help him ascend to the driver’s seat — while at the same time, you’re hoping he’ll give you a boost up!

It may be time to reassess your work relationship. Rather than viewing each other as adversaries, you might want to come up with a plan in which you can work together as partners. While you probably talk on a regular basis about the goals and objectives you’re obligated to meet on behalf of your employer, it might be time to discuss the goals you each have for your own professional lives. You could find that you are your own best allies.