The Watery Suit of Cups

The cards in the suit of cups portray emotional affairs and correspond to the element of water.

Cups can hold water — the essence of life — or for that matter, any liquid that holds sentimental significance, such as wine or champagne. The connection to emotion is clear: We use cups to toast each other in celebration, to commune with others during religious ceremonies, and sometimes, we use cups to drown our sorrows.

Because cups represent emotions, cup cards often relate to issues of needs and desires. Cup cards are especially suited to describing relationship issues.

Because cup cards correspond to water, they serve as a reminder that the well of human emotion runs deep. Just as the human body is 75-percent water, the human psyche is driven by an overwhelmingly emotional combination of wants, needs, drives, and desires.

In a romance reading, water analogies can be especially useful. The presence of cup cards may indicate that emotions are welling up under the surface, or that still waters run deep. Someone may have ice water running in her veins, for example, while another person’s heart may seem to be frozen. A situation may be fluid, or on the rocks.

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