The Earthy Suit of Pentacles

Pentacle cards show physical and material concerns, and correspond to the element of earth. Pentacle cards also illustrate the treasures we hold dear on an emotional and spiritual level, too.

In most tarot decks, pentacles look like coins with star-shaped designs. That pattern is symbolic of our physical nature: When you stand with your arms extended and your feet apart, someone could trace the shape of a star around your body. The five points on the star would be the top of your head, your two outstretched hands, and your two feet, widespread but firmly planted on the ground.

Pentacles, like the coins they resemble, symbolize the tangible realities of physical life. They represent the things we can touch, the things we can feel. They can represent money or property. They can also symbolize spiritual and emotional treasures — the values we hold dear, the memories that are close to our hearts, the people and things we love most and carry with us always.

Because pentacles correspond to the element of earth, Pentacles cards often represent material and physical matters.

In a romance reading, the presence of pentacles cards may indicate that a person or situation is well grounded, or that an attraction may be physical.

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