The Astrology of the Sun

The Sun is an important focal point in an astrological chart, because the Sun represents the center of every individual’s universe: the self.

Most people associate astrology with Sun signs, because the Sun moves through all of the signs during the course of a year. Its position on any given day determines every person’s Sun sign. While no two individuals will channel the light and heat of the Sun in exactly the same way, people who share a Sun sign often share a similar world view. That’s one reason that Sun sign astrology has become the mainstay of newspaper horoscopes: it’s a simplified way to summarize the essential nature of people who were born in the same sign.

The Sun symbolizes your core sense of identity and conscious awareness. It offers a dramatic vision of your confidence and self-esteem, as well as your willpower, purpose, and drive. It reveals your greatest strengths — and your corresponding weaknesses. It symbolizes your destiny, drives, and desires.

In a birth chart, the Sun depicts your inner light. It also sheds light on your sense of purpose, as well as your life’s path. The Sun also illuminates the way in which you’ll express the divine light of God, and how you’ll assert the moral right to rule your own kingdom.

Because the Sun is so visible in the sky, its placement in an astrological chart can highlight areas of fame, public recognition, and acclaim. The Sun shows where you’ll shine, and where you’ll expend the most energy in pursuit of your goals. The Sun will also show you how and where you want to be recognized for your accomplishments.

In short, the Sun reveals your truest self. The Sun is your birthright.

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