The Fiery Suit of Wands

Wands cards depict spiritual life, energy, and drive, and correspond to the element of fire.

In most tarot decks, Wands look like freshly cut branches from leafy trees. That is your cue that wands can be set on fire and burned. You might want to picture each wand as a flaming torch that can be used for light and heat — or, in other words, enlightenment and inspiration. Our spiritual lives can catch fire. Our spiritual development can be ignited by our ideals, and fueled by our passions, our hopes, our fears, and our desires. We can be enlightened.

Don’t be afraid to grab onto fire analogies when you encounter Wands cards. In a romance reading, the presence of Wands cards may indicate that sparks are about to fly, that passions may be enflamed, and that an affair will get hot. Wands cards may suggest that someone is carrying a torch, or burning with desire. Wands cards might even suggest that an old romance will be rekindled or that someone is playing with fire.

Wands also have an obvious connection to magic. After all, what magician would be caught without a magic wand? Magicians use their wands to direct their spirit — their energy, will, and desire — into the physical world. The rest of us also use wands that serve equally “magical” purposes in the real world. As infants and children, we use our fingers to point, to question, and to direct the world around us. As adults, we use wand-shaped pens, pencils, and paintbrushes to express ourselves. We even use wand-shaped devices to curl our hair and change channels on the television.

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