Start Packing: A Real-Life Tarot Reading

What will happen when my lease expires?

A note from Corrine: This real-life reading highlights some of the techniques I incorporate in my tarot practice. To schedule a reading with me, in person or online, click here.

Question: My lease will run out in a year and want to know if you see me moving. The area I live in is kind of pricy and I live in an old building where the rent isn’t too much. I don’t know if I will be able to afford to move. Matt (via email)

Answer: There’s one card in the tarot deck that almost always means a move is in the works: the Tower. Believe it or not, that’s what came up when I asked if you would be moving when your lease is up.

Now, don’t be alarmed by the drama of the image. In some cases, the Tower can symbolize a sudden and forceful change of residence, just like the picture shows.

In your case, however, the Tower is there simply to let us know that a move is the most likely outcome of your current situation. I really want to emphasize that your move won’t be this dramatic. When it comes to questions about moving, the Tower is simply one of the cards you expect to see. It’s like a shorthand.

Here is one other important thing to note: While it seems as though you are probably going to move, the future isn’t written in stone. The card I drew for you today simply depicts the path that you’re on right now, at the present moment. If you truly like where you’re living, and you want to stay, you can take action now to change course. If you still have a year on your lease, you definitely have time to make arrangements to enter into a new lease, or to find a new home that you like just as well.

I don’t know if this is the answer you were hoping or expecting to hear, but it’s definitely the clearest answer I could imagine to your question.

Response: That’s the answer I wanted. Our building is old and the floors are warped. It’s kind of annoying when you have to find the right spot for furniture as the floors are uneven. Thanks!

Fun fact: In Tarotstrology, the Tower Card is associated with Mars, the warrior planet. Who doesn’t feel like they’ve been through a battle after a move?