The Six of Cups: A Real-Life Tarot Reading

Will my business succeed?

A note from Corrine: This real-life reading highlights some of the techniques I incorporate in my tarot practice. To schedule a reading with me, in person or online, click here.

Question: Can you tell me what I need to know now about a new business I’m starting?

Answer: The card that comes up for you is the Six of Cups. It’s a lovely card that can only mean good things.

The Six of Cups depicts a young boy giving a little girl a bouquet of flowers. They’re both sweet, angelic little children — well dressed, well fed, and apparently well cared-for, in a protected courtyard surrounded by gardens.

I usually read the Six of Cups as a card of nostalgia. It suggests a return to happier, simpler times, as well as fond memories of youth and childhood days. It can symbolize close connections with brothers and sisters, as well as reunions with long-lost friends and family members.

If you happen to be going into the antiques business, I’d say this card would promise you unqualified success!

You will also do well if your business relates to nostalgia, gifts, gardening, children, safety, security, or emotional and physical well being.

If I didn’t hit the mark with any of those categories, don’t worry. All of the “Six” cards in the tarot deck tend to indicate success, so this is a good card no matter what type of business you’re starting.

I also think the Six of Cups offers a bit of practical advice for a new business owner. I think it suggests that your best success in business will come by focusing on the emotional concerns of your customers.

Put your customers’ feelings first, even above their “wants” or “needs.” Emphasize the emotional satisfaction they’ll get from doing business with you. Appeal to their hearts, not their minds. If you can give your customers the sense that they’re doing business with a trusted, lifelong friend, then you’ll come out ahead.

Response: This is a terrific reading. My new business venture is intuitive energy healing. I am so glad the card indicates it will be successful. I really want to help others and believe my words and healings will give them the comfort and relief they seek. I feel your reading has given me another confirmation and boost of confidence that I am on the right path for me. Many thanks … I found your reading very insightful and right on target.