Get to Know Your Tarot Deck

A new tarot deck represents untapped possibility — but the cards themselves are powerless until you imbue them with your own energy, your own thoughts, and your own understanding of the cards.

In real life, we get to know our new companions by spending time with them. That holds true with new tarot decks, too. To truly bond with your new deck, however, you will need to study each card and work with the deck itself.

  • You might want to begin your relationship with a “new deck” reading. Shuffle the cards, and ask, “What will I learn from this deck?” Draw one card at random and interpret the answer.
  • You might want to start by reading the guide or booklet that comes with most decks.
  • You could even write your own handbook for the cards. It’s not as difficult as it might sound. Simply take a few minutes to go through the deck, card by card. Jot down your initial observations and impressions about each one. If you dedicate a blank journal to your work with the cards, leave plenty of space for later. As time goes by, you will probably want to add details and new interpretations, as well as notes about readings you have conducted.
  • If you want to study and learn about your deck over time, try pulling just one card a day. Carry it with you, or leave it out in a conspicuous place — on your desk, near your phone, or on your refrigerator. As you notice the card during the course of the day, study it. Pay attention to its colors, its symbols, and its details. Think about its meaning and its significance.

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