Collaborative Tarot Readings

When you read tarot cards for someone else, the process is collaborative. Your querent’s insights and analysis can be a valuable addition to a reading.*

Some readers like their querents to comment and ask questions about each card during the course of the reading. Others would rather have them wait, so that their psychic impressions can flow uninterrupted. In either case, you can encourage your querents to find a connection to the cards.

Here are some questions you can ask :

  • What do you notice first about each card?
  • What do you like about each one?
  • What do you dislike?
  • What do these cards remind you of?
  • Who do these cards remind you of?
  • How do these cards make you feel?
  • How do these cards relate to your situation?

*A querent is a questioner. In a tarot reading, the querent is the one who has a query, a question, or a quest.

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