The Sun God’s Day Off

Apollo woke late. 7:15. His sister Dawn was long gone — and he had overslept. In full panic, he raced outside to the stables of Mount Olympus, where his fiery steeds would be waiting. He shouldn’t have worried. High above the horizon, an ancient Egyptian dung beetle had been called into service, and it was… Read more »

Monarch Woman

The Monarchs

Gloria put her ledger in the secret compartment, under the false bottom of her desk drawer. She locked the drawer with a key she wore around her neck, and then set the security alarm by the door. Lunch would be the usual: a jelly sandwich on a park bench across the street. The butterflies were… Read more »


The Type Writer

If you think it’s easy to lug a typewriter across the country, you’re wrong. But I don’t mind. I’m not complaining! I’m simply thrilled to have access to this wondrous new technology. My editor is, too. He was getting tired of trying to decipher my garish scrawl — especially when he had to read through… Read more »

Bathing Suit Girls

Max Factor Red

Of course, we were sad when all the men shipped off to war. They sailed to all four corners of the world … the Orient. North Africa. Germany. France. My own beau, Rupert, was stationed in the Philippines. He wrote to me almost every day, long letters of sadness and solitude, from a tin barracks… Read more »

Art by Cristina Bernazzani

The Key to Being Naked

Freda was born skinny. 4 pounds, 5 ounces. She wasn’t the smallest baby ever born, obviously, but she was the smallest ever recorded in her particular family — which alarmed her grandparents, who gasped when they saw her and immediately demanded that her formula be supplemented with Carnation evaporated milk. When they held her, they secretly… Read more »



The monster seemed cute at first. He was small, and furry, with big brown eyes that gazed soulfully at her. When she picked him up, he nuzzled affectionately against her, stroking her cheek and her breast with his little paw. At night, when the moon rose, he purred like a kitten. She named him Liam…. Read more »

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