Astrology in Action: The Sun Sign Spread

One of the easiest tarot and astrology readings you can try is a simple comparison between the two cards that represent your Sun sign. First, pull the Sun card from your tarot deck. Then pull the card that corresponds to its sign.

Which Major Arcana card corresponds to your Sun sign? How do the two cards—your Sun and its sign—complement or contradict each other? How do they describe your personality, individuality, and sense of self? What can you learn from your first tarot and astrology spread?

Sample Reading: Celeste’s Midnight Sun

The Sun and Moon from the Wizards Tarot (c) Corrine Kenner and John Blumen

The Sun and Moon from the Wizards Tarot (c) Corrine Kenner and John Blumen

When Celeste was born on March 7, the Sun was in Pisces. That means her Sun card is paired with the Moon, the card that corresponds to the sign of Pisces.

Oddly enough, Celeste has always been a night owl. She feels most alive after dark, when the Sun sets and the Moon rises. Her emotions ebb and flow like the tide, and she cycles through life like a living lunar goddess. She even looks like a creature of the night, with pale skin and wide-set, luminous eyes.

“It’s true,” she exclaimed, when she saw the two cards side by side. “I am the Moon! That explains so much. I like the Sun as much as anyone, but I’d much rather live my life by moonlight.”

“Astrology in Action” posts, like this one, illustrate tarot spreads and sample readings. They’re intended to illustrate the principles of combining tarot and astrology, and they grow longer and more complex as the book proceeds. 
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Excerpted from Tarot and Astrology by Corrine Kenner


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