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Readers Studio Poster

Ciro Marchetti has just unveiled his new poster for the 2009 Readers Studio. It’s gorgeous: Share this:MoreLike this:Like Loading...
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NaNoWriMo Planning Tip #11: Location, Location, Location

Here’s another quick tip to help you prepare for National Novel Writing Month.
Use tarot cards to develop settings for your stories. Pull scenic details from a single card, or layer specific elements from several cards.
You can find all of my NaNoWriMo planning tips …

NaNoWriMo Planning Tip #10: Forget Everything You Know

Here’s one of my favorite tips for National Novel Writing Month.
When you’re using tarot cards as a writing tool, a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Don’t limit yourself by sticking too closely to definitions you’ve memorized or interpretations …

The Readers Studio: Color Your World

Every year, I go to the Readers Studio tarot conference hosted by the Tarot School of New York City. This year, they’ve asked participants to create animoto videos that describe the experience. Here’s my video: Share this:MoreLike this:Like Loading...
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The High Priestess’s Pad

I bought the November 1 issue of Family Circle for the Slow Cooker Supper recipes on page 198, the Sweet Pumpkin Cupcakes on page 204, and the Comfort Food Diet on page 127.
In the process of surveying the Fast, Butt-Firming Walking …

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NaNoWriMo Planning Tip #9: Three-Card Spreads

This tip for National Novel Writing Month is so basic that it can almost go unsaid. Even so, I feel compelled to say it.
Three-card spreads are a mainstay among tarot readers, and a three-card spread is a good, basic way to initiate a …

The Hand of Fate

I’m still experimenting with animoto video. Here’s one I put together from photos I took at the Mall of America last year.

If you want to make your own videos, use this link for $5 off an annual all-access pass.
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The “Mad Men” Tarot Reading

Mad Men’s Anna (Melinda Page Hamilton) reads cards for Don Draper (Jon Hamm).

My sister Claudine is obsessed with the Mad Men series — so when a recent episode featured a tarot card reading, she twittered me for information about the cards. …

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The Fool and the Element of Air Freshener

Look at this flyer that Anastasia found in her Sunday paper. Does somebody at the ad agency read tarot cards?   You know, the Fool really is associated with the element of air. Share this:MoreLike this:Like Loading...

The Tarot for Writers Video

I just made a video for my Tarot for Writers book! Thanks to Joanna for leading me to animoto. Share this:MoreLike this:Like Loading...

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